World At War

“World at War” was a game being made by a small team called Black Sand Studios. The game was made with Unreal Engine. The image above is the menu for the beginning of the game. I did all aspects of this terrain. At this point in the project we have a prototype level. The level is a multi-player map and the terrain map was made by me and environment artwork for the buildings. The location is in Somalia and lightly inspired by the movie Black Hawk Down.

I did the modeling of the buildings, terrain, and texturing of the maps, level design, structures, lighting. I made the buildings in 3ds Max and the textures in Photoshop and the terrain in World Machine and Mudbox.

Brandon volpe missionbriefing finalbest3 waw 1024x576
Brandon volpe cam4 citybuildings 1024x576
Brandon volpe terrainofmogadishu dif
Brandon volpe terrainofmogadishucity
Brandon volpe worldatwar prototype 015 1024x576
Brandon volpe worldatwar prototype 004 1024x576
Brandon volpe worldatwar prototype 006 1024x576
Brandon volpe worldatwar prototype 007 1024x576