Cry For Speed: The Fun

Project Description: “Cry For Speed” (C4S) is an environment based off the game “Need for Speed: The Run” Fan Art was made with CryEngine3.

I did the modeling, texturing, lighting, color correction and level design plus all of the objects in this scene except for the cars and all the natural items such as the vegetation, trees, sky, water.

Took about 3 months to complete

Brandon volpe cry for speed the fun wallpaperhd
Brandon volpe wallpaper 002 cryforspeedthefunroadblock1

Cry For Speed: "The Fun" - Desert Level

Brandon volpe spot2 deserte1600x900wallpaper
Brandon volpe spot1desertb1600x900wallpaper
Brandon volpe wintermtslevel image5
Brandon volpe wintermtslevel image4
Brandon volpe wintermtslevel image13

Cry For Speed: TheFun - Winter Level

Brandon volpe wintermtslevel image57