The Fox Theatre

Inspired by the the Chicago Theatre in the game “Watch Dogs” and the actual Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan and in the game “The Crew”.
Everything here was created rendered and made by me. The lighting and all modeling, texturing was done by me.
I show these skills in the Quixel Suite in a set of tutorials on youtube.

This was modeled in 3ds Max and textured and rendered in Marmoset using its new Physical Based Shaders feature (PBS) and then imported into Unreal Engine 4. I did all of the modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and all of the objects in this scene.
Took 2 months to complete.
More of those game are referenced here

Brandon volpe brandonvolpe foxtheatre high quality

Cinematic showcase Unreal Engine - The Fox Theatre in Detroit in HD

Brandon volpe foxtheatre hd 015
Brandon volpe foxtheatre hd 014
Brandon volpe foxtheatre hd 004
Brandon volpe foxtheatre wallpaper 021
Brandon volpe foxtheatre wallpaper 026
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Brandon volpe foxtheatre hd 022
Brandon volpe foxtheatre hd 013
Brandon volpe brandon volpe thefoxmodpieces2 1024x576